Math is like love -- a simple idea but it can get complicated.

Yeah. Changed my template. Blogger has more cooler ones now that you can easily change it. Hence... the new template. Hehe. Plus, you don't have to tinker much to add widgets.

Anyway... since Mira went back to her old kindy, she's been really working hard catching up. There's no complain or making faces from her when I ask about homework and she'd willingly take up reading practise.

I am glad to report that she's very happy there and is more confident in herself (as in, banyak songeh dan cakap banyak pulak sekarang ni).

However, she's a problem with math. What's new, it must run in the family. LOL!

They're tackling subtraction now. I think it has been two week since, but to my consternation, Mira still has not grasp the concept. Either that, or she's not trying make sense of it and gave up easily.

My patience is onion skin deep, really. Hence last night while running through her math homework, I snapped and went beserk -_-'

Hopefully, I have not killed her enthusiasm.

I had Google-d for some tips and found a few, plus this YouTube video. Thankfully, there're a lot out there. What would I do without the internets?

Right, need to remember to get a big packet of M&Ms for math revisions tonight ;p