One of the things covert operatives have to give up is the idea of a fair fight.

Thank God it's Friday! I'm all pissed with the co sec today. Well, maybe not pissed-angry, but am effing annoyed with them.

They sat on, what seemed like an eternity, a task that they were supposed to have completed sooner -- like before I joined, probably? But now that the shareholders have started hounding, they're all suddenly a-buzzed with actions.

And the best part, they'll send something to me today, want it by tomorrow and then make it like as if I'm sitting on it now with all the emails flurring asking 'oh, have you send it out' or 'we need it soon because you know it's urgent'. Of course, all these correspondences needs to be copied to every one la kan, coz you know, you need to show you've done your part and it is now not your fault it has been delayed.

Fuck la wei.

Example, today just not ten minutes to one, I received an email from one of them with two documents attached, and two people have to sign. I've to prepare a banker's draft for them and with that, they leave a note saying to 'send it to us by Monday'. Ko ingat ko sapa nak mengarah orang macam tu??

Annoying giler!

I can't wait to go home. I am going to complete all the remaining episodes of the Vampire Diaries tonight. If only I'm that dedicated to my exam revisions ;)