Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.

This is how I relax at home after a stressing day on the road (traffic jam!), or a long day at work, or after I tutor Mira (keeping cool is very strenuous, ok).

Play Farm Mania 2....


It is really addictive. I've used to have Farm Mania 1, but this is the latest installment.

This is how my farm looks like currently.

I've purchased the game a few months back, actually. I've basically played all the levels in the game. I'm into my second round now.

See those gold stars? When you managed to do all your farming chores and goals within a certain time limit, you'll get an 'expert' gold star. If not, you'll only get the blue ones.

My goal now is to convert all the blues into gold. But it can be such a pain in the arse, that.

Sometimes you've only left with a few seconds to spare before the time's up but still miss perhaps by one second,  because the delivery boy came back later with the money... even after many tries and you've done everything humanly possible. It is very stressful, ok!

The game I'm playing to destress is stressing me out. Ironic, much? Lol!