Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries!

In the office, I am the chairman of fun activities -- which basically means I've to wreck my brain every week with planning something fun for the office. It was ok the first few times, but after the 5th week you kinda lost as to what else is there to do.

Unless of course, when budget is not an issue and you've the sky as the limit on spending. Tee hee.

Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to take the guys out for a movie. There were a few options but as I really wanna see Toy Story 3 the staffs were given a choice between TS3 and Knight & Day -- and the majority chose TS3.

On Thursday all of us went to she the half-past four show.

You guys... if it's not because I was in a public place (and watching the movies with my colleagues, to boot), I would have bawled! But I maintained cool by just sniffling and teared a bit. But my throat was sore for trying to hold back.

It was SO sad. And melancholic. But it's also funny giler -- you laugh just as hard. I love Spanish Buzz. Gosh, it was so good! --the movie I mean :p And we only watched it in 2D.

I think once I get hold of the movie's DVD to watch it at home, preferably alone, I'm going to have a good cathartic cry.

If you're a fan of TS 1 & TS 2, go watch TS 3 on the big screen while you can. There aren't many shows left and I think the days for it to be shown in the cinemas are numbered.

Contain SPOILERS, click after the jump for more.

Well, the story started by reminiscing the times when Andy was a kid. How he loved his toys and playing with them. Andy is 17 now, preparing to leave home for college. His mom has been nagging him to clear up his room's clutter and to either donate or put away his toys.

Even though he has not played with them for ages, he still felt a little attached to them -- Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Mr & Mrs Potato Head with their 3 Alien kids, Rex, Hamm and Slinky Dog. Later, he decided to put all of them in a trash bag to be put in the attic but kept Woody to be brought to college with him.

However, his mom mistakenly thought the bag contained trash, took it to the curb to be collected by the garbage truck. The toys made a run for it and crept into the donation box that his mom wanted to bring to Sunnyside Day Care.

Barbie was put inside the box by Molly, to be donated. Woody tried to stop them but they were adamant to go away... because Andy doesn't want them anymore.

The were given a warm welcomed by Lots-O'Huggin-Bear (Lotso for short), with a tour around the day care centre by Ken and showed to their new home, the 'Caterpillar Room'. See, Lotso and Ken came from the Butterfly Room -- room for the bigger children, whereas the Caterpillar room was for children age 3 below.

Woody left them after that to return to Andy, but he was caught on a tree and was taken home by Bonnie. He met other toys of Bonnie's and was told how Sunnyside was virtually a prison for the toys ruled by the evil Lotso. He then set on to rescue his friends.

And the adventure begins. Their way out was full of peril and nearly got incarcerated (this scene? omg, sad and so touching!), but was rescued by 'the Claw' operated by the 3 Aliens.

They safely made their way back to Andy after that.

I think Andy's such a good and grounded kid. Where else will you meet a 17 year old guy who was kind to his kid sister and has a way with a smaller kid like Bonnie? He's so adorable uols.

While getting ready to go their separate ways, Woody decided to leave him a note on the box full of toys, with Bonnie's address on it. Andy decided to take the box there and right about here,you will start your water works.

He approached Bonnie by introducing and explaining each toy's attribute to her, but when it came to Woody (who wasn't supposed to be inside that box in the first place), he was baffled, choked on his words and wasn't sure if he wants to hand his favourite toy over to the little girl.

But Bonnie has met Woody before, remember? She thought that was her toy, too.

In the end, Andy let go of Woody. He even stayed a while to play the toys with Bonnie. And before he drove off, he said his goodbyes and thanks to his beloved toys. HOW CAN YOU NOT CRY???

In a way, we had to let Andy and the toys go too (because there'll be no more sequels) and we're (as in fans of Toy Story. heh heh) given closure to what will happen to those beloved toys.

Sigh. I love this movie. I can't wait for its DVD to be released.