Germany TRASHED the Argentines four-nil last night and qualified for the semi finals (will be against Spain)! Woooot! It was brilliant, even Klose did his back flip.

Miro back flipping with glee (I'm sure of it!)

My Argentina's fan colleague was so sure her team would win, she actually wrote "(winner)" next to Argentina's name on our World Cup board. After the game I immediately texted her 'Who's your daddy now??', which she replied with 'I'm drowning my sorrows drinking German beer and thinking of taking compassionate leave'. LOL!

'Twas fun. Saw Iggy Singh today -- she's another Argentina's fan, who couldn't understand why her team couldn't even scored a goal. Ah well... ;)


Today we (Iggy Singh and I) attended Mira's charity dance galore. All her hard work these 2-3 months to perform her 5 minutes on stage. But she had fun, we had fun, I'm very proud of her accomplishment, all is well.

Also, the event was fantastic. Nicely and grandly done, the team really went all out even if it was just a charity concert. It was also an opportunity for the kids to showcase their talent and utilise those techniques they've learnt in class.

Well, now my little ballerina can hang her tutu until the next time there's a dance concert. Although in retrospect, we will have to purchase a new costume if there's another concert. Heh.

What should I do with this thing?

Buat menyemak wardrobe je la kan.



babe, mira's costume tu jual kat ebay. mesti ada orang nak beli punya hehehhe...