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The Vampire Diaries

Hawt-ness much? Introducing, my newest favourite TV series -- The Vampire Diaries.

While looking for something else to watch other after Glee, I found The Vampire Diaries. At first, I wasn't that keen to get into another vampire stories. I saw the pilot and frankly speaking, it gave me nothing.

Yeah, Damon is cute. Yeah, Stefan is broody. Meh.

But DH saw it (the whole 4 episodes that I have) after watching New Moon and said 'ni baru lah cerita vampire' -- he's comparing it with Twilight ;p

Naturally, that got me intrigued. I watched it over the weekend and now I'm hooked. I need to get to the rest of the episodes, pronto! They've just completed the first season, thankfully, so I can still catch up.

I wonder if I should also sink my teeth into True Blood, too? Hmmm....