I made it through the day. I must have said "I'm fine" 37 times.

I love playing quotes :-)

And I love Zip. There were times when I thought perhaps I should have gotten myself a proper laptop but the ease of bringing it every where I go wouldn't be as simple as Zip. I think I'm practically attached to it 24/7, especially over the weekend.

I play songs on it, watch movies, do my work, check out what's happening in the net-verse, read e-books on it... it has become my entertainment everything. Especially now that my desktop has officially breathe its last breath... Alright, a bit melodramatic there. The HDD kaputted. Macam tau-tau je nak bikin baru.

Speaking of e-books, I've discovered some interesting read on Books24x7 (an online library privilege extended to the students by the uni). I'm in the process of changing my mindset. After speaking to boss for my probation review, he encourages me to set myself up a step above what I'm doing now. It was the same conversation I had with Mr Gadget (remember him?) but the wordings used was different and it does gives me a different effect.

Mr Gadget wanted to groom me, whereas current boss wants me to take on that role because he knew I can do it. I said 'yeah, sure thing', but on self reflect my hurdle is how I see myself. Thus, this changing mindset exercise.

Sometime you do need to read those cheesy self-help books, eh? ;-)

Anyways, enjoy OneRepublic's Say (All I Need) music video. I love this song.

Do you know what your fate is?
And are you trying to shake it
You're doing your best and
You're best look
You're praying that you'll make it

Yes, all about 'love' tonight...