I'm worse than shallow. I'm a kiddie pool.

After I posted the previous entry, I was ready to announce my break up with Edward Cullen (haha!). I posted a status in my FB, like so...

Immediately after that, I received an SMS from Mr DJ with a couple of other exchanges as shown below:

Mr DJ: Who is Salvatore???
Me: Vampire diaries la.
Mr DJ: Aiyo, why you so cepat dropped Edward Cullen already???
Me: Ok what. I've 'dated' him for 2 years already. Besides, the Salvatore brothers are hotter. Lol.
Mr DJ: Good for you :p

Aw, he cares -- although, I dunno if it's about me or his namesake.

See, this is why I love my friends. They're always more than willing to entertain my silliness. Lol.