There are over one hundred and fifty channels. It's called a remote control.

Greetings earthlings.

An incident happened last Tuesday morning involving my cat, Sofy. We can all laugh at it now, but the day when it happened, we were all shocked and worried.

She got herself locked out at the balcony Monday night. I don't know what made her do it, but she jumped over the railings and fell from the seven floor to the ground. I know, right!

Our cleaning lady approached me that morning whilst I was about to leave for work, asking if I've a black cat.  She said sometime after sahur, she heard a loud noise -- like something hard hit the car park roof. She came out to check and saw Sofy on the ground. She wanted to help but the cat just walked away, looking groggy.

Sofy sat at a corner near one of the maintenance door. That's where I found her later when we came back from work, seemed like she didn't move an inch. But nothing's broken. Once she's back into our apartment, it was business as usual. However, she's stopped going outside the balcony :p

From this incident she's earn the title Super Girl from DH.

It has been a busy couple of days. I've just finished two papers -- Islamic Studies on Monday and Written English on Thursday, and thank God it's Friday already! We're sent to Shah Alam (bordering Klang, fml) to take the exams, both half day mornings. I took the liberty to work from home after that on both days. 'Twas fun.

I've another paper to sit next Thursday. For that I'm taking the whole day off because it starts at 2 PM. And then it is the end of my semester. I can start to play. (Not that I've stopped playing before this anyway ;p)

Fasting was a-ok so far. Well, it's only been two days. I've bought food from PaRam but I think I'll start cooking for iftar myself soon. I went to the one in BTR on the first day, wasn't impressed with the offerings. Apparently, most of them have moved to the stadium?

Then the one near where I live failed to impress me, too. There were your usual ayam percik, ikan panggang, nasi berlauk and variety of flavoured drinks and desserts. I'll have to stock up the fridge for the weeks ahead.

Hmm.. what else...

Oh yeah, something landed on my lap last week -- related to work. It started as a pet project of my boss. He wanted us to get involved in it, too. He asked some one to volunteer in getting the ball rolling, thus, I nominated myself :)

It's something to do with Corporate Social Responsibility. I've to come up with a lot of things (suddenly) and for the life of me, I can't seem to come up with any creative idea. Perhaps, I was distracted with finals. Anyhow, I've to create some mission statement or something to be submitted before EBD. Sigh.