I love it how it has never occurred to you that someone might not want to see you every single day.

Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source.... Owh, back to reality. But it has definitely been one of the best longest weekend ever! I did a lot of things... mostly a lot of nothings. Hehe.

On Friday when we celebrated the first day of Eid, we went to do our usual rounds. However, it was the first time we didn't go to my dad's. Kim went back to her husband's hometown this year, so dad decided to go off to meet some of his old friends.

Raya dishes at my Mak Ngah's house

We were supposed to go to DH's aunt's house the next day, but when he heard that his brother won't be able to join, he decided not to as well. Kosser taw. We ended up going to the supermarket to buy some provisions and stayed home.

Mira was exceptionally excited to celebrate Eid this year. The week following the special day, she kept on asking me 'tomorrow Hari Raya ke?'. If not, she wanted to know when she 'can wear Hari Raya baju, bibu?'. On Sunday, she kept pestering me to go out for 'Hari Raya' that I have to tell her that 'Hari Raya habis dah'. The look upon her face was like a kid who discovered Santa Claus wasn't real. Lol!

I have been staying at home since then, didn't even go out a peep. I took leave from Monday onwards for three days, but I had to work on Friday to submit payroll stuff for the office. Nanti ada yang tak bergaji karang. The only time I went out from the house was on Thursday. Tu pun to top up petrol for next day's journey to work. Sigh.

So, what have I been doing?

I picked up the first two books from Kerrelyn Sparks 'Love At Stake' series. I can only stomach the two, not bothered to follow up on the others as soon as I discovered her vampires can be cured back to his human form. LAME.

Of course, in Vampire Academy the same thing happened to Dimitri when he was cured from becoming a Strigoi by Lissa. But he's already a dhampir, that doesn't count in my book :p

I also watched the entire 3rd season of Gossip Girl... because when I saw the new season's episode, I didn't realized how much I've miss out. So much drama! I can't believe I've neglected GG for the whole season. Where have I been to miss it totally? Strange.

Now I'm up to speed. Loving the Paris setting and all the French words in it. Hehe.

I might want to add: I've never liked V from the get-go. She act like she's the most noble of them all, but to me she's so judgey and a hypocrite. Like if it comes from her, she's entitled to behave that way but if, let say, Dan do the same thing she'll make a bitch out of it. And then I met her mother... now we know where she got that from ;p

I am beginning not to like J as much, and S too for that matter. Especially in the 3rd season.

Anyway, by reading the books and watching the episodes back-to-back (all 22 of them!), I managed to disrupt my sleep time. I'll stay up all night, only going to bed at 4 in the morning and will only be up at noon. It was a pain in the ass to wake up for work last Friday. The weather didn't help much either.

Have to go prepare for next week and try to attain some normalcy back. Heh heh. I shall end this not with my usual ex-oh-ex-oh, but with...

Bisou bisou


nong said…
V tu poyo kan.. tapi mak dia adelah.. erks... J pulak, trying too hard in everything.. vosan.. S has sex word posted on her face all the time..

thinks B jek yg reasonable among the unresonable lam GG tu LOL, oh not fotget Loretta..
Larawannabe said…
Even Georgina Sparks pun can be considered as reasonable eventhough she's a scheming bitch. S = sex is so apt. LOL!