My cigarettes and I are going outside. At least they show me respect.

Oh my god! If this is even possible... I've just been whammed by a major cliffhanger ever in this lifetime. At least, all the other serial books I've read before had some kind of satisfying sort-of ending to it. But this one? You should have seen me -- mouth hanging, eyes bulging, shocked, exasperated.

I've finished reading book five in the Vampire Academy series. Lets recap the story so far (and I'm going to spoil it for you because I am evil, muahaha!)...

Rose fell in love with her dhampir instructor, Dimitri, while she was in the academy. Then, one day the academy was attacked by Strigoi (bad vampires) and Dimitri was abducted and turned into one. She later found out he had fled to his home town in Siberia. She dropped out of the academy and left to look for him... in order to kill him to put him out of his 'misery'.

This girl practically wanted to stake him lah. Out of love. Because these dhampir Guardians (who guards the Moroi vampires i.e. good vampires) had a very high code of ethics or something. Have I mentioned that Rose is a dhampir and in training to become one of the Guardians?

She found him eventually, but hesitated. That mistake got her locked in some room by Dimitri and he now persuades her to change side i.e. become a Strigoi like him. She managed to escape after a while (Lissa, her Moroi bff whom she is bonded to - long story, was in trouble. That kinda awaken her a bit. She was in some trance), fought Dimitri and staked him.

Or so she thought. Turned out the stake didn't go through his heart. So, he came back and now (in book 5) he's hunting her. This time he really wanted to kill her.

While she was in Siberia, she met a couple who told her about a rumour that someone had tried to 'cure' a Strigoi into becoming normal. Knowing that and how Dimitri is still 'alive', she and Lissa went out to search for the person who had done the curing before. It involves a spirit user and whatnot. Lissa's magic is the spirit, see. Naturally, she vowed to help Rose do what she wants.

Dimitri managed to kidnapped Lissa and her bf one day, as a bait for Rose. And nak dijadikan cerita, Lissa managed to cure him when the guardians and Rose came to rescue them. However, once cured, he doesn't want anything to do with Rose anymore. He said he felt a guilt and remorse for all the things he had done, especially to her while in captive. Of course, Rose being Rose, wouldn't take that easily.

I like Rose. She's got spunk.

Anyway, the Moroi has their own royalty with a reigning queen. Rose and her have not really seen eye to eye -- the queen great nephew is infatuated with Rose and they're going out together. I think Adrian really loves her. Hence, when the queen was found murdered, all evidence pointed to Rose.

At the council meeting, it has been voted that she'll stand for trial. If found guilty, she'll be executed for treason.

And that is where the story ends... for now.


The sixth and last book, Last Sacrifice, will be coming out in December. Four more months to go uols! x_x

p/s: I want Rose to choose Adrian, instead of Dimitri. Although a vampire (royal to boot)/dhampir relationship will never get its happy ending in this world. But who knows. Maybe it'll be changed if Lissa becomes queen ;)