Oh, I guess silver is like your kryptonite?

Oy! It has been a busy week at the office and I reckon I'll be tied up for the next 5-6 weeks, too. We're expecting some news to be announced soon (not about B, unfortunately) and I am to organize an all-hands for that. What started as a day meeting outside may now become a full blown retreat.

Also, the new semester has begun with the first tutorial started this morning. Stuff to read, notes to take, things to understand and remember. I am making full use of my current state of enthusiasm. It will some what dwindle in a month. I'm very familiar with this cycle already. Lol.

And then, there was Gossip Girl. 'I'm Chuck Bass' is back. I wonder if Blair will hook up with him back sometime in the future and when. Soon or it'll be dragged out until the end of this season?

The Vampire Diaries... a new vamp and werewolves, oh my! But first, someone needs to give Bonnie some chill pills, really. She's freaking annoying with being judgmental and stuff. I know Damon tried to kill you once, but to blame EVERYTHING on him is a bit much, no? As it is, you blamed the brothers for your gran's death, but if you and your granny hadn't been all sneaky to them... well, at least tell the truth to Elena, then maybe the whole incident can be avoided.

And then, you want to blame Damon for what happened to Caroline, when it was you who insisted in the first place, probably because you felt guilty she got hurt. Now, you don't like her because of what she has become. She's you friend ffs!

Strangely though, Bonnie is civil with Stefan. Why?

Of course, without these drama, there'll be no TVD. Lol.

Glee kicked off its new season this week. Oh, how I missed the show. Mr Shue wants to build a bigger group to out-perform Vocal Adrenaline in the next regionals which is going to be held in NYC. In order to entice new kids to join the club, the group performed Empire State of Mind.

They were fantastic! No one bothered (tsk tsk) but I would have joined. Haha. I've heard the original before, but I think the Glee casts performed it better. I managed to find a clip for this song, albeit a mirrored one, but check it out yourself.

Can't wait for the next episode... a Britney Spears themed episode. Woot!