You three are boring me now. I'm gonna go do something else.

Four more days to Eid. I have mixed feelings -- happy, sad and annoyed. Don't ask.

I'm at a weird place right now. I am generally feeling happy and free but I also feel lurking behind it something akin to impending doom. I don't know what it is... yet. I hope it is nothing and it will pass.

Such is life. Sigh.

I am sleepy. Didn't sleep well last night. My muse came to visit at about 1 this morning and I couldn't stop writing until 4. Where these ideas come from?? If it is not because I've got to work today, I'd continue until it stops. Hence, my brain refused to shut off even when I am half asleep.

My neck hurts. Dammit, my whole body is stiff! All three cats were in bed with me. I love them, I really do, especially when they want to cuddle with me. But it can be a pain when I can hardly move about because they'll sit at 'strategic' points of my body -- one will lay his head on my ankle like it is a pillow, one will be sleeping at the crook of my bum and one will sleep right behind my back. How to turn over like that?

Why am I so whiny today? Meh.