I don't use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough.

If Cinderella said (sang) that a dream is a wish your heart make... what do you make out of these two?

I dreamt Mr Gadget left the Hotness after he had sucked out all his wealth. TH came to see me and suddenly, I am now living together with him, as in, I am renting a room or something. I know we didn't sleep in the same room, or with each other. Even subconsciously I remembered his orientation. Hiks!

But through time, as it seemed in the warp speed that is your dream timeline, I was his shoulder to cry on, we became a very close friend. Like, I am his new BFF. His problem came to its climax when MG (and his new boyfriend who is also a lawyer, I might add) was at the last bid to clear out everything TH owns... unless he is married.

It's like if TH is married, MG cannot continue to ruin his life rule or something. Strange.

He discussed his predicament with me and we agreed to get married (yes, to one another, my real self was just as shocked as you are) in order to stop the menace in wrecking more havoc in his life. He proposed, on bended knee and all that, and as I was about to say yes... when I woke up. Lolz.

I got a glimpse of the engagement ring. Emerald cut with tapered baguettes, you. Lovingly cushioned in a significant blue box ;-)

The next dream happened a few days after.

I don't remember how it came to this but I dreamt Mira and I wanted to commit suicide. This scenario should be morbid, but the whole scene was rather jovial and bright and, I even dare say, comical.

I was standing by a tall bay windows. It looks like I was at my dad's house. Mira was playing nearby and was having conversations with him. At that time, I was feeling a little troubled -- about what, I don't know. Then, happily Mira came to the window and we both started to climb out of it. We started to cry and profusely apologizing to my dad. We were now standing on the ledge, ready to let go.

Now, the strange thing was, my dad's house in real life is on the ground. Even in the dream, the house was just one level at first, but later morphed into a pretty little bungalow by the beach. Heh.

And then it started to rain. I kept wondering, if my dad accepts my apology, should I go back inside? I was about to let go; can actually feel the blood rush, the rain and the wind on my face, when suddenly Mira laughs and said 'Ok' and she climbed back in. I looked inside and saw my dad talking to her, as if none of this ever happened.

I started to climb back in and woke up from the dream... wondering what was that all about?

Nak kata tak cuci kaki before tido, dah cuci dah ;-p



Anonymous said…
think uols tgk banyak sangat vampire diaries nih... LOL..
Larawannabe said…
LOL. Possible. But reading this entry again, mak rasa the thing that my heart wish for could be that diamond ring and the little bungalow by the beach that has bay windows. Teehee!