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In September, we were told to expect some changes to happen to our business come October. It can either be viewed as a good move forward or, if you are a pessimist, horrible things can happen after this. Now that October is finally here, a couple of things transpired:

One, boss has decided perhaps we should move into our own office. We're currently renting a place in a serviced office, which can be expensive in comparison to the office space. The space we have now will not accommodate any growth in the next 12 months unless we get a bigger and more expensive unit.

Thus, yours truly have been busy visiting sites and getting quotes for 1,001 kind of things. I think we have narrowed down to two possible buildings -- one new, one kinda old but the space is ginormous as well as cheap. I am hopeful the final decision can be made next week. Other than fitout issues, there is pesky timing thing to think about.

I have to say though, it is very difficult to work with invisible budget :p

Two, the leadership team has decided to organize a communication session cum workshop to announce this change. We ended up making the announcement earlier because it involves certain issues which the staffs need to know earlier. So now there is the workshop portion je lah yang kena buat which was planned to be held next week.

Initially, we thought of doing it away from KL. After a few rounds of discussion, the plan changes... and now I think it won't even happen, at least, not this year.

Three, when I came on board, I observed that some tasks are handled by an external entity. I was informed it was because the person who did admin before me wasn't familiar with it. I thought that service comes together in a package. So, I had been doing purely secretarial and admin for the past 7 months.

Recently, I saw their first invoice to us and was surprised that said tasks are charged on adhoc basis. I made a quick calculations and after discussing it through with my BFF-merangkap-life coach IggySingh, brought it up to the boss for discussion. My intention was to handle the tasks myself and for the company to pay me instead whilst saving some money in the process.

What I got was a promotion and a bigger pay cheque! ^_^

In terms of job scope, they're the same as when I was with the Hotness, so no biggie. I did a lot of things back then, wasn't even properly acknowledged in fact. To make this 'victory' sweeter was when I got to know the saiko-chick who replaced me either forgotten or didn't bother to do something that has now put them in a mess. How I got to know about this? Her replacement had to call me a few days ago because they needed some information. Hah!

I received my promotion letter on Friday. What a good way to end the work week, huh?

Bersyukur sangat!