Life isn't weird: it's just the people in it.

You would not believe what happened to me (or us) today.

First, the car battery died. Fair enough, it's been awhile since we last changed it, but not la dot dot a year due. I thought I have until end of this month to do something about it but alas. This morning, the car just refused to start. So nothing to it, Mira had to ponteng school whilst I took the public transport to go to work.

Gosh, it's been ages since I did that. I've forgotten how inconvenient the whole experience was. Took 2 hours just to go to work wtf.

And I craved for Oldtown's Iced Hazelnut Coffee like nobody business! I texted Chewie to check where she was (she's a train commuter, too) and we promised to meet at Ampang Park. I had two, I repeat TWO!, glasses of said iced coffee.

Suddenly feeling sick after that. LOL.

I made an arrangement to leave early on Wednesdays, so I left after half past three. Decided to just take the cab which proved to be a wise decision. Why? Because when I came home to pick up the car keys to see if I can make it start to bring it to the workshop, I saw a red notice at my door grill.

You just know what those things are, right? Love letter from T*B!

Ok, fair enough, I haven't been receiving any bills for months (roughly ten) and initially I did bug them to find out what's the problem. But after ding-donging for a while, I stopped following up. No bills, no notice, no nothing. Then today a letter saying that they've taken out the whole meter-thingy.

Panic giler ok. Terus call the careline to basically ask APAKAH?

Well, they pun initially don't understand how the situation got to become such. Folks, the letter was dated April 2010. Yup. Twenty ten. At first I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me coz reading through the paragraph it said I should pay the arrears before May. Well, hello we're in March, until I saw the year... TWENTY TEN.

Major wtf moment kan? Precisely!

So, I was instructed to make the arrears payment before 5:15 pm at the Cheras' management center, which was all the way in BTHO. Dah la mak tak pernah ok lah, jarang-jarang pergi that place and I've less than 20 minutes before closing time. I prayed to Allah to permudahkan jalan and let my car start.

Thank god, it worked. Like orang gila I drove to find the place. And thank god again, it was rather easy to find. But alas, I reached there just 5 minutes after closing (which at the door said 5:00 pm btw not fifteen past). I knocked on the glass door (I did!) and practically begged them to let me in. Nasib baik la theyols tu baik bagi mak masuk.

Paid the bill, went to another section to get them to fix the bloody meter soon-ish but was said they can only do it later tonight or tomorrow morning je. What a girl to do? Think think think... we have to put up a night somewhere. Mira has a test tomorrow, she needs to do revision kan. Gelap-gelap macam mana nak baca (alasan? mungkin...).

Checked this hotel in Cheras and looked at the price... mahal gila for just a night. Tried TuneHotels and let just say the price comparing that it is right in town was well worth it.

So here we are, staying a night (10 hours more less) at TuneHotel Downtown KL.

Sesuai untuk tido je lah.
How was it? Ok la, serviceable. Suitable for 'nak terberak' people like me. But the room has no TV. Sangap la kalau tak de netbook ke, iPod ke, iPad ke, smartphone ke atau kawasan yang sewaktu dengan nya. Of course, you could walk the area surrounding it. You are in KL as it is.

Ok, time to enjoy my micro-mini getaway. Gonna do a Vampire Diaries marathon in a bit.




nong said…
Mak baca pun sempot uols....
Larawannabe said…
Hahahahahaha! Memang letih. Nasib baik got nice bed and super shower. And coz it's in the city, esoknya tak perlu la bangun awal2. Can sleep in a bit.
Wawa said…
mmg gila la diorang ni. but look it from the bright side, mira get to do revision in a hotel. how many kids would be able to do that?


happy birthday darling Lara!