Meet Barry... Black Barry


Blackberry Bold 9780

A handful of days before my birthday, DH asked me what I want as a gift. I jokingly mentioned Blackberry Curve 3G, as you all know my wish to get one myself. I left it at that because, well, let's face it -- my husband is usually the last person to give me anything for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I can't remember the last gift he got me, really.

We also discussed what to get Mira for her birthday.

He asked me about it again later on, wanting to know about the specifics i.e. which model I want, the costs, etc. I couldn't make up my mind between a Curve 3G and Bold 9780 (aka Bold 3). He said he really wanted to get me one, so I better decide which one I want.

At first (sebab malas nak fikir banyak-banyak), I thought of just getting myself a Curve 3G. That was the plan anyway, right. But Bold 3 looked better and better as the days goes by. I find the idea of lugging two phones around unattractive. As it is, satu ni pun rasa sangat leceh, ni kan pulak dua? And then Bold 3 has 5 MP camera. It's more than sufficient for me. The reason why I wanted to get two new phones was because there aren't any 5MP cameras on Blackberry at that time.

And to cut the story short, I got Bold 3 for my birthday from DH. SUKA! I've named it Barry Black ;-)

I'm glad I chose Bold 3 in the end; love it big time. It took a little while to get around the new device at first, but I'm getting the hang of it. I love how I get emails instantly, how I can communicate real time with friends via BBM and even BB's SMS bubbles. I've downloaded (and purchased) some apps for my phone and rearranged everything in the phone's menu to my liking.

It's pretty much *my* Barry now.

ILU baby!



Anonymous said…
Wooottt!! Pinch new phone. Bday gift summore :))