Yes, time flies. And where did it leave you? Old too soon... smart too late.

Birthday come, birthday go. I am a year older (a few days ago lah) and hopefully, a little more wiser now. I was pretty happy with how the day went -- lunch with my ex-colleagues at our favourite seafood joint, got my dose of salted egg crabs and spend the remaining of the day with another person whom just turned 7 a week before, Mira.

We went to see Rango. Actually, she wanted to watch Mars Needs Mom but I vetoed the idea. I said 'Let's watch Rango lah, got Johnny Depp'. Fifteen minutes into the movie, I thought we'd probably find MNM more appealing.

Dunno lah. I just find the story drags after a while.

We stayed home these two days. I need this down time to gather my 'energy' to start the school run again tomorrow. I kinda miss being the first one in the office and not be bothered when others got stuck in the traffic and got in late. 

And then, there's the office move that I need to plan and execute. Yes folks, we're moving at last! Everything needs to be in place by the 3rd because the plan is to resume business as usual in the new office on the 4th. I only have a week to get everything done as the current tenant only moves out this coming Friday.


Ok lah, I now need to gather my 'energy' to start ironing school uniforms. Sigh.



mum2h said…
i dah selamat gosok semlm!!!
Anonymous said…
So kalau pindah off baru, how's mira transport arrangement uols? status quo kah?