Prince William and Duchess Catherine

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
By some twist of fate, Mira's school held their Kem Solat on Thursday and Friday after school hours this week. The notice was distributed on Wednesday. Thus, I got to pick her up at 3pm and went straight home... and got to watch the wedding of this century.

Awesome luck!

Whenever I read historical romances (especially the Regency era), this is how I picture the heroes and heroins in said books travel, get married, etc. And you have to admit it is plausible. *love*

Family Portrait

The bride's wedding gown was beautiful. Simple, yet elegant. And Pippa's bridemaid's dress is TDF! Everything was so perfect.

The most fun to watch? Are the hats! Ok, when I visit England in the future, I want to buy me a hat and wear it everywhere I go :-p

All photo credit goes to The British Monarchy's Flickr account. You can view them here.

Of all the photos I've seen so far, this one is my favourite!

Very picturesque, like a painting doncha think? *love*

Le sigh.

May they live happily ever after.



wawa said…
i love the last potrait too. so beautiful. they took this in the middle of the ceremony didn't they? masa tu i dok pike ap adiorang buat ramai2 pergi belakang church tu ahahhaa. now i know.

i love every bit of the weeding. for some reason, i'd rather watch this a thousand times than watch malaysia primetime news. ehehe.

and oh, i don't need to read any romance storaybooks anymore. :)

thanks to the british monarchy.
Anonymous said…

ni masa they kat buckingham palace i think, before the balcony wave and kiss.

yg ramai2 pergi belakang tu for signing marriage registration ke cert gitu..
Larawannabe said…
Wawa, what Nong said :)