Reticulating Splines.

Guess what? I bought this!

The Sims 3 base game - belilah yang ori

Even though I have no computer to play it with. Har har! But... it's on 30% discount now if you buy it from The Software Boutique! Heee... I travelled awwllllll the way to PJ after work just for this. Ok lah, to be fair from my office it wasn't that far ;-p

I have been thinking of getting the base game first as the carrot to my building computer quest. So now I actually have it.

Also, after calculating the total costs of rigging one, I found out that the PC in my office costs cheaper to own in comparison. I thought I'd try it out to see how well the game will play seeing that it was only a year old, it should come with a better specs from my own derelict one at home. My office's PC specs are:
  • Pentium Dual-Core @ 2.93GHz
  • 1-pathethic-GB of RAM
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator

Eh, no wonder it sucks. I thought it has 2GB RAM at least even without a canggih video card. The game was laggyyyyyy nak mampos! Even after I lowered down all the settings it still took a painful amount of time to get it going.

Tak best la if you can't play it on high settings kan. Sigh. No choice now but to go ahead with my plan.

Therefore, Plan 1A can be striked off. Next month I'll try to strike off Plan 1B, which is getting a monitor, chasis and power supply.

C'est la vie.