Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.

In less than two weeks, Ramadhan will be over. I try not to say this but... time flies.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Ok lah, probably there were only 1 or 2 major drama, but let's not focus on that. It's all water under the bridge and I feel after all has been said and done, I don't think I am able to become friends with you any more. It also brought out a side of you that I have never seen.

Anyway, I am happy to report, my Sims craving has been met. Remember I bought the base game just because it was on sale the other day? I also bought additional RAM to upgraded my work PC and I now have the game installed in it. Muahahaha!

Ok what, I played during lunch and a bit after work only :-p

I love this new game. It's different in the sense that I can only play one Sims family because its world is 'open' without boundaries. As in, the whole city/area/neighbourhood-whatchamacallit is my Sim's oyster. It's a very pretty world, too.

Sunset Valley's Beach
  See... what a life!

So, I have created and played three families in different neighbourhood background (guess what? I bought Ambitions EP, too!). The current family I'm playing is my favourite and I think I shall play with it for a while.

Yesterday, the founder Sims died. Now, the wife and two grown kids are in mourning for two Sims days! It was also frustrating to find out that the two outsiders that I coupled it with mine were much older. One was about to turn into an elder and another was already an adult, wtf.

I think my Sims have an easy life. Maybe I should try shake it up a bit. Heh heh. I will kick out the elder Sims by breaking off their relationship and make her move out. Whilst for the other kid who's having a relationship with her high school mate (I don't get how he could have outgrown her in terms of aging either!), probably I'll get them to move away as well. Maybe move them back to his family's home.

I wish I have Late Night for it's Bridgeport township, not so much about the vampire; and Generations as well. Le sigh.