My timetable has been wantonly disregarded!

Pangkor Island

I've been pretty busy as well as tired and mentally drained by the end of a work day. Hence, the minimal blogging. I missed those times when I can just write. Nowadays, by the time I'm done with work all I wanna do is just lepak.

Anyhow, a much need break -- went to Pangkor over the long weekend last week.

I have always wanted to go for a beach holiday for the longest time! And I also discovered... that I've never been to Pangkor before. Went to Lumut (Swiss Garden) once or twice, but I don't think I've ever been to Pangkor Island itself.

And it was LOVELY uols!

I just don't wanna come back. Mira had a blast and she don't wanna come back either. We stayed overnight on the 3rd day at Teluk Intan (E's parents' place) and when we took the bus back on Monday, she thought we're going back to the beach. Heh heh.

I'm just going to write a summary of our holiday as I'm pressed for time (I've assignments to finish!).

Day 1:
  • Took the early morning bus from Puduraya Sentral. My, how the place has changed!
  • Got the double-decker Plusliner bus.... should have opted for Transnasional lah. The journey took 5 hours!
  • Had lunch at Lumut while waiting for our ferry. We stopped at the 2nd jetty instead of the 1st (a fishing village).
  • Took the taxi to our hotel, checked-in and we all left for the beach in haste!
  • Decided to return to our rooms to change... we're going to mandi laut!
  • Played and stayed at the beach until it was time for dinner. And it started to drizzle a bit.
  • Had dinner at Daddy's Cafe, which was pretty nice.
  • Head back to the hotel, changed and just lepak at the hotel area while the kids stayed in the rooms, playing Mira's DS.
  • We also bought a grilled fish, so just snacked on it.
  • Slept.

Day 2:
  • Woke up at 7AM, went out to the beach for a walk.
  • On the way back to our hotel, stopped by Restoran Manshur for breakfast. Their nasi lemak was really nice.
  • Changed for the beach and we're practically there until it started to rain again.
  • The wind was so strong that it blew Mira's floater away into the nearby woods. LOL. It was quite a scene!
  • C, Mira & I hanged out at Daddy's again. We decided to have lunch. E & her son, who predicted the rain earlier and went back to the hotel while we stayed back, came over after the rain stops.
  • It started to drizzle again, so we headed back. And it rained the whole night!
  • We had dinner at Horizon. Food was alright. We hit the grilled fish store again, but this time we ate there.
  • The adults just lepak, the kids went to bed early -- too tired.

The kids made this (with help from C).

Day 3:
  • Our morning plan kinda spoilt because of the rain. But luckily it stopped early enough, so we changed for the beach and stopped by Restoran Manshur again for breakfast.
  • Mira and I walked to where we thought the floater flew, and hurrah! found it behind a tree. Mira was SO glad!
  • Then on to the beach until check out time. I stayed minding the kids whilst E & C went back to pack our things and check out. Then they came back, sun tanned some more.
  • It started to drizzle again, so we pack our things, went back to the hotel to freshen up.
  • Went to Restoran Manshur (again) for lunch this time. Had their meehoon Jawa yang sedap!
  • Back to the hotel, took our things, bid farewell to the owners (they're the friendliest people) and ride the taxi back to the Jetty.
  • E's father was at the Lumut Jetty waiting for us. I went shopping for some dried stuff -- fish satay, dried sotong, the likes.
  • Then off to Teluk Intan we went.
  • They took us for dinner at a seafood restaurant in town, we ate and ate (salted egg crabs are to die for!). Mira was getting a bit fed-up with that. Haha!
  • We all slept early that night.

Day 4:
  • E brought us to town, had brunch at a rojak shop in front of the Store.
  • Then we went to check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa Teluk Intan. It's actually a clock tower lah. Unfortunely, it was closed for maintenance so we can't climb up.
  • Went back home for C & I to pack our stuff; our bus leaves at 2PM.
  • Reached Duta two and half hours later, send C back to her place.
  • Home sweet home.

The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan.
Mira & I just love Pangkor and we're so happy to be there. We're planning to go again in March with DH this time, insyaallah.