Life is a game in which the player must appear ridiculous.

Says Lady Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Gosh, I love her character!

Since our iPod Touch died, I plan to replace it with the latest model (some day). Then I thought we might as well get an iPad instead. We didn't use the iPod for MP3 but just to check email, browse and play games. And since Mira has her own hand phone now that plays music as good as your next MP3 player, there's no reason to really get an iPod at all. So we've decided iPad it would be.

However, the PC building has to take precedent now; owning an iPad has been put on the back burner until it's finished. Truthfully, it has been painfully slow in the making although it is at the last stage, which is the CPU and all its ilk. But a slow process nonetheless.

Over the weekend, the Hubs out of the blue said he wanted to get himself his own netbook or laptop. That caught my attention! Eyes wide with excitement, I said, 'instead of another netbook, why not just get an iPad. You can have my netbook'. So excited I was. But really, he was just thinking aloud -_-

But it was too late, an idea has formed in my mind -- tanduk sudah keluar la so to speak. I searched the internet for the cheapest deal, be it for an iPad or iPad 2 as long as it is cheap. Then I caught up with Wawa over BBM and she mentioned Galaxy Tab 10.1 . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


I read reviews about it on all the blogs I can find, watched all the unboxing and review YouTube videos... Macam kena angau okeh. You would not believe the extend I was willing to go to get the darn thing. Unfortunately, it's not wise to get it now though because there's a lot of stuff to deal with in the month of December -- school supplies, car insurance, road tax, property fire insurance, the shitz. I suppose a year of practice in frugality managed to save me... or did it?

To satiate my... hunger?... wants?... lust?... I bought myself a new bag.

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage small short handle in Grape

Bought it from How2Shop. Actually, I bought a bag organiser first from her and then saw that she has those bags on sale. So I beli lah. This is to replace my medium 'Ler Plagiat' bag :p

Did it cure my Tab lust? Not really -_-'

Nampaknya tanduk tak turun lagi... :-(

Please God, give me the strength...