I know I say people suck, but I didn't mean it literally.

Awesome 4-day weekend and a brand new wireless keyboard and mouse. I am thisssssss close to complete the desktop computer project. I could finish it this month but an opportunity to pay off one debt took priority.

One down, two more to go and I. am. free!

Today, I want to rant about what happened to me yesterday. Talk about sucky people customer service.

I missed the semester registration a week or two back, and seeing that the semester starting next weekend, I thought I'd go complete the registration as well as collect my manuals. I'm not sure I've stated it here before but I've taken up PTPTN loan to cover the rest of my course. By right, my status in the university system should have changed to reflect this.

So off I went after lunch, all the way from KL to Bandar Baru Bangi. And it being a Friday, the traffic was pretty heavy. The journey had never been that long and far! Sampai lutut dan pinggang ku sakit dan lenguh-lenguh. Maklum la, dah tua.... :-p

I wasted three hours of my life!

First, I couldn't complete the registration neither can I collect the books because I'm supposed to pay the minimum payment first. My status in their system has not changed and no, they can't do anything about it because it all depends on the system whether or not it can allow me to collect the books. And even though I am 'sponsored' I still need to fork out my money first.

WTF. I wasn't prepared for this, I had no cash of that amount with me. You might be wondering if I should have called the centre first. I had. But no one answers the call or my darn emails!

After that, I went to queue for the book voucher collection. Oh, you couldn't believe it because I didn't, but my name was not on the list. Why? Because I haven't registered two weeks ago, so I have to wait for the second batch.

WTF! It was never stated as such in their announcement about that. I was seeing red! They just refused to do anything and was being very condescending about it. Like, as if I'm a kid.

Hello? I may be your student but I am an adult who pays my tuition fees to you. I am still a paying customer. I wish they stop treating us like we're 19 or something.

So yeah. Three hours of nothing. I now have to sort out the fee payment thingy. Rasa macam dah tak de mood dah ni.