I want music and dancing and secondhand smoke!

No, no. Not really. 

The first 3 days of school was taxing for me but it went as smoothly as can be. I have never felt so tired in doing the school run before. Probably I'm out of practice? On Wednesday, I walked Mira to her class and helped her locate her classmates at the hall. They've changed some things this year, thus there was a little bit of confusion.

I stayed the whole day there, lined up at the bookshop to buy some books, bought some school supplies, spoke to her teacher, chat with some mothers, enrolled her art class for this year, etc. I know she's in standard two and all, but I want to be involve and I wanted to be visible to her teachers. I want to build relationship with them and for them to know that they can approach me if there's anything a matter with my girl.

After school we rushed to Hartamas for her learning skill assessment appointment. This is a two-hour sessions broken into two parts -- one on Wednesday and another on Thursday. We'll know the result in 10 days. I'm open to anything but I pray for nothing severe.

I browse through the assessment form submitted by her tutor and I'm kinda sad to learn a few new things about her. Mostly on some of the social challenges that she has to face. I do wonder how it impact her emotionally because she has never complained or spoke to me about it. Whenever I ask, everything is well and rosy and that she likes her friends a lot.

It's sad really, how I can't protect her from it. Sometimes I'm faced with this dilemma to either cushion her all the time at all costs or allow her to deal with the situation on her own because this is real life. She needs to learn and neither can I protect her forever.


On Thursday, after making sure she has settled in, I left to run some errands. I heard a funny story how 5 standard one kids got lost and joined a standard two class. When the teacher had called all the names on the roster, these 5 young students' name weren't on the list. Lol.

There was also an incident on Wednesday, during recess. A tiny little girl trying to buy food but was so intimidated by the crowd that she cried, not knowing how or what to do. So pitiful. Kenapa la her parents tak helped guide her for at least one day. Primary school is different than a kindy la kan -- it has their own rules, protocols and procedures.

I was rather free on Friday -- just dropped Mira off in front of her school and then shoot off home (to continue sleeping). I'm so proud that she can do that now. The whole of last year, I walked with her to the front gate every day. If we're too early, I'll walk with her all the way to her class. But this year, we can do the drop-off thing. Cool!

But Friday was the first day of her new routine.

After school, I sent her to the day care/KAFA school. And then I went home. I received a call from her at half past five that she has safely arrived at her tuition centre. When I picked her up at night, in the car she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and sigh and said 'Mengaji best, Bibu!'. And she proceeded to tell me about her day.

I'm glad. Hahaha. But then again, that was only her first day. We'll see how she fare next week. Also, her gymrama and art class haven't started yet (in February, after Chinese New Year), so it's not really her full schedule until we can factor those two in.

But I think she'll be ok :-)



Anonymous said…
So now, we pray that everything went well....

she'll be alright... Insya Allah