Take it from me: Strange is bad, dead is worse.

I feel as if I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, on a couple of occassion.

I think when a few people involved in recommending someone for hire, those in the middle shouldn't be involved in anything that happens between the employer and employee thereafter. Even just to share pertinent details of what transpired, especially in grieveance matter. Because it's all he says, she says and speculations. It may lead to misunderstanding between the two middlemen.

For example, I recommended B for a job, who is connected to my friend A, to my other friend C who was looking for a candidate to fill a vacant position in her company. B and C met and B was offered the job. All is well.... until it is not.

For some reason, B has problems with the boss (not C) and eventually the relationship doesn't work, resulted in B having to resign or being terminated.

Now, C shouldn't have told me what transpired in detail because I would probably advise A on this situation thinking I'm giving her a heads-up or advicing her. Whilst A would eventually speak to B to check what has really happened.

What if the version told to me and A differs? Wouldn't that put us in a strange place -- as in, who's telling the truth here, B or C? Both of us has strong relationships towards one of the other end, of course I wants to think C is telling the truth whereas A think B is telling the real story.

C should have just said 'I have tried to help, but it didn't work out' or something.

The above scenario is just hypothetical la ya. 'I' can be myself or I can be any of the alphabets above :p Just to point out how we should practice tact and be professional about it. Work is work in the end, and it shouldn't cloud your personal judgement.

Also, I have been exploring other options lately and am now engaged actively in two possible new opportunities -- one job I really really want, another one, not so much. However, the one that I really really want is proving to be one that I possibly shouldn't even consider seeing all the things that just raised a red flag to me. Why? Because...

  1. The hiring person spoke to me about this sometime end February (yes, FEBRUARY!) after I was first introduced to her after Chinese New Year.

  2. It took her nearly 3 weeks to get back to me to arrange for a meeting, I really thought I didn't get the chance. Then later she delegated me to meet her colleague instead because she was unavailable to meet in March.

  3. After the first meeting, she promised to arrange another one with the Ds as soon as possible and she'd like to meet me in person, too. It only happened last week. Itu pun I only managed to meet her whilst the two Ds happened to be travelling. Whaaaat? I feeling offended uols! This has been pre-arranged, how could they decided to up and travel at the last minute? I mean, what kind of impression are you giving me? Ceh!

  4. So, I am supposed to wait for the hiring person to get me another date with the Ds before they make their decision. I'm told the current employee wants to leave mid May come what may. Har har.

  5. On top of that, the management seems undecisive on what kind of package to offer for this position. They can't decide if it's going to be a permanent or contract post, they can't decide if they should offer it as a 6-month contract or a 12-month contract, etc.

See? Red flags. Undecisive and disorganize. Do I want to work for them?  -_-'

The one that I'm not so keen about is of a very good standing international company -- top 5 in the world in its industry, in fact. It gives out contractual bonus as well as performance bonus. If this is a reality game show, I am 80% sure I've secured it. I am to meet the head honcho this week to see if I pass their vigorous selection process.

The reason why I'm not so keen is because of the job itself. I feel once I'm back to that level (even though with better pay), I won't be able to paddle my way back to where I am right now. I wear many hats currently and that gives me an advantage to get to where I want to be in 18 months time. But to only wear one and one that has nothing to do with the course I'm doing now? Sigh.

A rock and a hard place. Darn it!



nongie said…
I'll go for money.. hehhee...
Lara Wannabe said…
Probably both will have a good monetary package in the end. Although one would appear to be lesser than the other.

Sigh. I suppose we shall wait and see la ek. Kot2 bukan rezeki mak on both, mrasa! LOL.