Because if I look for a proper post title, this will not be published at all.

I am still ah-livvveee, people. Busy -- with work, mommy duties, driver duties, daughter yang soleha (hehe!) duties and then some. So today I have decided to quickly post something using the iPhone app. Cool stuff.

Mira was supposed to go back to her school mid September. But seeing how happy she is at DCM and also I'm not too sure if she's ready, I made the decision to let her stay until the end of school year. Thus, she'll be in standard 3 when school reopens in 2013.

Not sure how she will cope with that but such is life.

Anyhow, we stopped by her old school to submit the leave extension letter awhile back. She kinda miss the school. I guess that is a good thing.

She wanted to join taekwondo next year. I took the liberty to rearrange her daily timetable now in anticipation of next year's activities rather than procrastinate.

I moved her piano lessons to Thursday night. There's no available slots on Sunday afternoons. I thought of enrolling the both of us for tennis leasons, but now I'm not too keen pulak.

Then, I also have to move her ballet classes too as she'll continue going to DCM classes on Saturdays for 'tuition' next year. It's a half day thing and it clashes with her class.

Alas, there's no available spot during that time period. Because we have to pay fees per term, I didn't continue her classes there. I'm waiting for confirmation from one center to see if they'll open a class in November. If not, I'll have to check out nearby dance schools.

We suddenly find ourselves with free time over the weekends! Haha!

Yesterday, we went to Starbucks for brunch and for me to have some course work done. Also, because I wanted to visit Celcom branch to sort out something.

And then this morning, we went jogging at the nearby park! Ikr. DH was perplexed, too. LOL.

I think we can make this a new routine from now on. Running will be good for Mira too. She need to have stronger stamina for ballet. With all the jumping she has to do in her recent class work, we find that she tires easily.

I miss writing here. But work has been crazy. Compared to before, I don't even have time to visit my usual online jaunts. Curi-curi baca Twitter via phone je. Sigh. Now with iPhone, I find it easier to check FB, too.

Oh yeah. I got myself an iPhone 4. Actually, it was dad's. A gift he didn't want. Anak solehah kan, dapat lah preferential treatment. LOLz.

I wanna get myself an iPhone 5 for my birthday next year, insyaallah. #Secret