Is this going to be an annual thing?

Pangkor Day 1

I vaguely remembered how this trip come about. We had one in October when we visited C in Miri. I guess that was different?

But we had planned this a while back. Because if we haven't, we'll sure not be able to secure any hotel room. The island is kinda packed today.

C and I (plus Mira) decided to try a new bus operator this time. It's a VIP coach, with 3 seats in a row. The bus was a little bit late that we reached the Lumut jetty at about 2PM. E and her boys are already waiting for us there.

Initially, we planned to have our lunch at Warong Mansur but alas, we were famished! We decided to have Nasi Beryani at Lumut waterfront.

We headed to the jetty an hour later (nasi habis, kena tunggu depa masak baru FML) and there was a loooooooooooobg queue, ohmai! We only checked in at 5PM.

Quickly changed, headed to the beach.

There goes my wish to just lay at the beach, clearing my mind whilst I soak up the sun! And no wonder I'm feeling tired right now.

There's still tomorrow, though 😊

We're planning to check out the night 'market' soon. TTFN.