What will you do for RM35,000?

Pangkor Day 2 (yesterday)

My day ended late. Neither of us officially celebrates Christmas but we get excited about it. So we had our own gift exchange session on the eve that lasts until midnight.

The day started rather early, too. Woke up at 7AM, got ready and had breakfast at Warong Mansur. Must have nasi lemak with 'telur goyang'. It was awh-sum!

After breakfast we headed out to the beach. C took us to her 'secret' beach but we later discovered it has become not so secret any more. Lol.

There were many people with orange vests on the side she we wanted to take us. So we made do with this small cove just before it. Which was perfect! It's like we have a small private pool.

In order to get to the cove, we had to track up a trail from the temple. It took some 15-20 minutes to get to it but it was worth it. Or, you could just hire a small boat.

We just soaked ourselves for hours, utter bliss I tell you!

At about noon, maybe, we tracked back out to have lunch at the same warong. Lunchtime must have? Mee Bandung!

Back to hotel to shower a bit and back out to the beach. This time, just at the main beach. We thought of getting some hawker food for dinner that night.

There was a crowd that night, it felt pretty festive. After dinner we had a chat with the owner of the resort. Had a good laugh planning what we'd do if someone offered to rent a room for RM35k.

It was indeed a merry night :-)