We totally got out magicked in our own magic house. Unbelievable.

I hate my job. But I'm with the most flexible company ever and I need to be flexible right now.

But I just hate it! I'm totally lost as how to make it successful. I have no interest in it, what-so-ever. Stress wei.

It would have been something I'd like to do 10 years ago. I think I'd be happy and excel in this job back then, when I'm so involved in managing a website and blogging and such. But social media has made me lazy. I hardly blog here as you can see because creating an entry needs to be thought out properly. Ayat kena susun cantik2, the sentences and paragraph must flow coherently and what not. It's not like, just typing a short 140 characters or post a photo that says it all.

I have to persevere for at least another few more years. Until Mira don't need me to be at her beck and call at least. Then, I'm going to go find another job that I like to do. Like, HR maybe :p

I need a holiday!