I stalk fictional characters

I love books. I became an avid reader since once of my closest cousin growing up (niece, really) introduced me to the wonderful world of Enid Blyton.

Speaking of, I dreamt of her a few days ago. We've not been in touch for years now, sadly. I hope she is well, if she still reads my blog. I miss you.

Anyway, I found fan-fiction by accident a couple of years ago. I was looking for online groups to join to read about Harry Potter theories. I love reading theories.

Sometimes you'll discover wonderfully written fan-fic by amateur writers. I'm glad that I found a few. One of my favourite is an HP fan-fic about vampires.

Sometimes the story can be intriguing but things like getting "you're" and "your" wrong irked me to no end. I just have to stop reading them.

And now, my fan-fic world has expanded to Wattpad. What fan-fic I am into now is a secret because I am embarrassed of my frivolity. LOL!

That is all.