Poorer Than The Church Mouse

Petrol Rush Definitely poorer now with the new petrol price hike. Freaking RM2.70 per litre y'all. Thank goodness I've pump in full tank on Sunday, so I don't really need to join in the queue right now.

But whose to say I will. I don't think I have the patience to wait lah. Lol.

Reactions from friends varied. Those married, with or without kids or those singletons with greater commitments felt burdened by this.

Two of my friends who are not in any one of the categories above, don't understand what's all the fuss about :p

Not forgetting the 18% increase in our electricity bills soon (how soon, this?). As well as other goods and services (I imagine McDonalds and Pizza Hut delivery will increase their delivery charges too, eh).

Some one needs to explain in more detail to me regarding that 'cash handout' thing.

Maybe I should suggest the idea of us working from home a few days in a week to the Hotness. At least, we'll save some petrol and the company will save on electricity consumption.

And the increment I received a few months back? Makes no difference whatsoever now :p



Wawa said…

look liek i can't add my coach collection la lagi.

ezrazlin said…
electricity up this 1st july..!
deliveries companies? they are a mega company..what's a rm0.78 per litre extra gonna harm them right? its us..the government dunno shit!

to me, its payback time to us for not voting for them on the election!