You go offline for a couple of days (blog updates not included, and besides, I usually schedule my postings) and BAM!, the moment you come online again, you're swamped with stuff that overwhelms you.

And I'm not even talking about politics. Those things? Are child's play. Believe me. They're worse than bitchy gossiping women! Both camps, no one's the champion. They are all the same.

I had a relaxing weekend. One where I did nothing but laze around. Total bliss. Hence, no Weekend Snapshot this week. Nothing interesting happened, I promise.

Good thing it rained on Sunday, too. Loved the cool weather.

DH tried to coaxed me out for sushi, but I refused. And then on Sunday, he tried again, to no avail, to get me to follow him to his futsal match. It started at 9AM. I'm not prepared to wake up any earlier than 10AM on a Sunday, please.

So, he went alone and his team won the tournament. He said he did a 'Lahm' -- scored the last goal before the game ends. Well, good for you, my dear :p

I'm onto the fifth In Death book at the moment; Ceremony In Death. This one is a little bit spooky because it used witchcraft theme as a base for murder. I read the stories not only for the detective mysteries but for the Eve-Roarke relationship as well.

Their relationship reminded me of Edward-Bella's in many ways, now that I'm reading the series again.

Edward's character is just like Roarke's sans the vampire bits. But I do not know how to explain my infatuation with Edward, though. I've fallen in love with many fictional characters before; Roarke and Ian Thornton to name a few, but Edward? *swoons*

I'm desperately in love with him, with a fictional character. He doesn't exist! I think I need help! Le sigh.

Back to that thing that happened on the interweb while I was away...

So, someone by chance found something that shouldn't be link to a famous (recently, again) certain someone. However, news traveled faster that the speed of light, the speed that is the internet. And everything just got blown away.

Some parties don't agree by the way it got leaked. Some parties pointed out at how it was a public thing and thus, one shouldn't be freaked by the attention it now generates.

To me, both points are irrelevant. I'm sure there's a reason why he used a pseudonym to publish his other work. Even famous writers use pseudonym when they're trying out writing different genre to, perhaps, make it somewhat anonymous. So people could appreciate it as is, instead of linking it to their already famous written work.

Case in point, Nora Roberts and JD Robb. Nora used JD Robb to publish her In Death series. When the first book came out, nobody knew it was her. Once the work generated its own credibility, only then it was revealed to the public who the real author was.

Back to this other famous person.

This latest exposé generated good responds, as well as bad. There are constructive criticisms, and then, there are plain hate messages. For some reason, people are extremely cruel on the internet. When I read the comments and messages left by these haters, I find the intent was rather harsh. It was meant to hurt, belittle and humiliate.

If I can feel that, I do wonder how the person who received it would have felt.

It was said that the profile was created by the real person. However, I noticed something peculiar. The login date for both his profile and his sister's are the same. So it's either they came online at the same time (what are the odds?) or someone was left to admin the profiles.

Or, it could be a bogus profile anyway. Who knew.

I need to get hold of those blasted greeting cards fast. Time is running out.

During lunch today, Cyn and I decided not to eat but loiter around the mall. I thought it'd be good if we go look for the cards. Thus, we went to every gift shops we can find at the mall.

You know, it's not easy to look for generic, non-girlie, non-flowery 'Best Wishes' or 'Encouragement' cards. Everything is either pink, flowery or cute.

I suppose it's ok for friends or someone you know personally. But for a relative stranger? I don't think so. What would that person think? That person may get different ideas. And then, you'll be in trouble. Lol.

Anyway, because I couldn't really choose, I bought four cards altogether. And neither one of it came with any appropriate wordings in it. Looks like I have to compose one of me own. Ugh!

Oh, one of the cards, I'm not exactly sure what's so special about it, costs me a bomb. Like freakin' RM15 y'all! For a card! No wonder people opt to send e-cards nowadays.