Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace

by Robert J. Sawyer, "Calculating God", 2000
Canadian science fiction writer (1960 - )

Let's have fun with Quotes this week shall we. I find the ones I like from Random Quotes part of The Quotations Page. I love that website. That's where I go to look up for quotes to use so I can look smart and artsy-fartsy-like ;)

However, Pink Is The New Blog is where I usually go to get my daily juicy goss. I must admit Trent's blog is the only one I read. I will constantly check my RSS reader to see if he has any new entry. CONSTANTLY, no joke.

Thank goodness for my Wifi-enabled N82. I can check it at anytime I want, wherever I am in the house, without having to switch on the computer.

A couple of days ago, he blogged about Zac Efron's Teen Vogue October's issue magazine cover. If you do remember, DH and I had a conversation about him sometime back. Inasmuch as I think he's cute and I like to watch him, I can't really say he's my type.

Why? Just look at him in this shot.

The guy's PRETTY y'all! Polished and pretty. There's not one bit of scruffy-ness on him. He's perfect! I may like him more if, let's say, I'm.... twelve?

Please bitches, he's 21 next month. Still within my 'limits'. I like my men... manly. Is all I'm saying. Lol.