I'll Be Seeing You Tonight, Hunny!

*le sigh*

I collected my tickets on Tuesday itself. They surprised me by giving me FOUR tickets instead. Maybe they have more allocated compared to entries received? Who knew.

So, I text-ed Nong immediately to extend an invite. Unfortunately, she couldn't go because her grandma's here. I asked Lah too but alas, she's not sure if she can make it either. I also asked M and Hermione. M don't think she can make it in time, whilst Hermione is bizzzzzy.

Pening la jugak nak fikir who to call next. Lol.

Then I remembered Kakakdegil, who's also a fan of Twilight. I tried to track her down (because when you need info like phone number, et al, you'll not get it right away, as usual); nearly gave up. She's not online these couple of days and her number's not listed in her Facebook.

I got her number from Hermione this morning, send her a text message. She's just replied to my sms an hour ago. We plan to meet at GSC before the movie starts so I can handover the tickets to her. Woot!

I can't wait for 6 PM to come already weii!

Oh, and Zouk Club's Grand Launch party is tonight. I've received an invite to go, but because of YOU Edward Cullen, I'm passing that up :p