Bada bing, bada boom -- true love!

That day when I picked up some new DVDs for collection and wanted to get Twilight's 2-disc but there was none available, I whined at the sales person about it. She asked me to leave my phone number, so that as soon as she gets it in store, she'll call me. And so, I did.

I think she called me the Monday after that weekend.

See that? THREE DISC DELUXE EDITION! Keng (canggih in Hokkien, I'm told)! Of course, I'm chuffed to bits. I've watched it a few times since. Yes, all three DVDs, especially the movie itself; with and without commentaries. Lol. And for some reason, I didn't find it to be as dry as my second watch in the cinema.

Anyway, last night Mira wanted to watch this instead of her usual HSM 3 (thank god!). I carefully took the box out (yup, box still in tact) while she exclaimed her excitement. It's like a lavish ceremony in order to reveal the precious item inside. Then I pointed to her the obvious...

Me, pointing at the picture of EC: Mira, this is Ed-ward Cul-len.
Mira, repeating after me: EdWORD Callen
Me: Bibu's boyfriend
Mira: Bibu's boyfriend?
Me: Yes, go tell Ayah.

Off she went to tell her father, who's so over his wife's infatuation with an imaginary character that he just sighed and said 'Yea lah'.