It's my birthday, can I ask for something? Kiss me.

I need a holiday uols. How often have I said this? The problem is, I don't have the time to go. We've been spending our weekend berkampung in Lot 10. And then on alternate weeks, I've to attend tutorials for half a day on Saturdays.

We've been doing this for a month now and I am tired plus my house is a mess! Woeeeeee.

But, all is not lost. Mira's ballet school will be on its term break for two weeks from 20th until the new year. I shall not go out, we shall just stay home and enjoy the moment not having to wake up early. I shall give some loving to Booboo, who has been some what neglected (other than seeing me replenishing his food tray and water bottle).

Ok, moving on...

Busy, busy pun sempat pegi tengok movie with the moms :)

Loved it! Of course I do, I've seen it thrice.

The first time was with the moms (i.e. Nong, MC and Lah) last Wednesday at Pavilion. I always love whenever we do meetups even though we're constantly in contact with each other, like, every other day.

The second viewing was with Su, on Friday of the same week. It's funny because when Jake pulled out his t-shirt to wipe Bella's blood, the audience gasp. Haha! And when the movie ended with Edward's proposal, some went 'Awww'.

Without knowing that Bella made a big fuss about it -- she's 18 lah, not ready for marriage lah (but ready to die pulak), what her parents will say lah. Edward does not want her to become what he is, see. If there's a chance to prolong the inevitable, he'll use it.

I suppose we'll see all that drama in Eclipse, coming to you in 2010 :)

And the third time was last Sunday with Mira; her choice, not mine. Although, her first choice was to see 'The Princess & The Frog' but it's not showing yet. She's seen Twilight and recognised Edward and Bella.

Besides they've deleted all the (3) steamy kissing scenes that it is now good enough for general viewing :p One example was the part that has become this blog entry title. 

Is the movie meant for fans of the book? I suppose. Especially if you haven't even seen Twilight, you wouldn't know what's going on. Just like LoTR or Harry Potter series lah senang cerita.

There was this couple beside me when I watched it on Sunday, neither knew what the movie was about and it can become quite distracting with their loud 'eh, why is it like that?', 'who is Charlie?', 'why's Edward all pasty?', and so on.

Luckily I've seen the movie twice before and was just enjoying it for what it was, so I didn't get irritated by it. I would have walked out, I think. Suddenly, I understoodd why I prefer to watch movies at GSC Signature so much and don't mind paying premiere ticket price ;)

Anyway, I found two amusing blog posts about this movie, you've got to read it for the funnies:
  1. New Moon movie review... with LOL cats ~and you know how much fun that can be.
  2. New Moon in 15 minutes by Cleolinda, who is all kinds of awesome. She also writes other Twilight-related parodies. You've got to read her Twilight in 15 minutes, too.

Now on to High School Musical: Summer Celebration concert.