Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!

What team? WILDCAT! What team? WILDCAT! Am I a Wildcat? You betcha! Haha.

OMG, some time I feel as if I refuse to grow up. I dig all these 'tween things y'all. I mean, for goodness sake, I'm a fan of Twilight (well, mostly Edward Cullen, but hey...) and High School Musical. I don't know who'll be more thankful, Mira for having a mom like me, or me for Mira liking the same thing.


MC, whose Myra is also a fan of HSM, found out about this concert about a month ago. Naturally, we decided we should bring our daughters to go as a school holidays treat. When I told Mira about it, she was sooooooo excited.

I actually said to her if she wanted to go she'll have to diligently practise her ballet. And to my surprise, she took my challenge and did it every day.

The concert was just that, a concert. It's not really a play. And even though the characters aren't from the original casts, they're rather good nonetheless. They acted the characters nuances exactly. From where we sat, you wouldn't know it was not Zac Efron on stage. You see Troy Bolton.

Anyway, here are some photos.

They sang all the popular songs from all the 3 titles and dances just like it was in the show. Kelsi was the 'ring leader' for the first half of the show, introducing the characters, songs and background stories as they go along. For the other half after the intermission, Taylor took over. Quite cool.

The girls loved it and enjoyed themselves. Here's a short clip that I managed to capture at the end of the show before my N82 battery died. Seriously, I think I need to buy a new battery lah.

Oh you know what's weird though? The last show we took the girls to was Disney on Ice, where we were trapped by all the merchandise on sale at the entrance of the venue. MC and I were prepared for the same onslaught this time.

But alas, there was none. Not even one. Kelibat programme book pun tarak. Not that I'm complaining ;)

Ok, I'm done. I've a paper to sit this Wednesday. And... well, I've brought 'procrastination' to a whole new level! :p