Striding Cloud and Whispering Wind

Note: I have updated the Roast Chicken recipe in this entry.

In the Malay version of the comic, they are called Penjejak Awan and Penjejak Badai. And the comic's name was Pedang Setiawan (Storm Rider). I was introduced to it by DH a long time ago, he was an avid collector (I was a collector too... of Doreamon comics. Lol)

My favourite character harus la si Cloud ittew. Coz in the comics, he's a bit notty uols. Hehe. You know how we love our bad boys ;)

There was this other comic, Pendekar Laut, with two major characters in it too -- Zonan and Xinan. I can't remember which is which, but my favourite was the one with three stripe on his forehead. Hehe.

We first saw the Storm Riders ten years ago in Sg. Wang, just the two of us.Those days, tak kosser la your usual movie theaters will show Chinese movies in theirs.

On Monday night, he took me to GSC Alamanda to see the Storm Warriors with Mira in tow. Mira was bored, but she didn't sleep, watched it through the end.

The movie was... ok lah. They try to make it look just like the comics, so there was so much of CGI and slow motion involved. Come to think of it, there weren't much dialogue. Lots of fighting, pouting and stationary poses.

I just like to see Cloud (Aaron Kwok omg), and all was ok in my world.

Dunno... could be spoilers ahead.

So, the story was about how Cloud and Wind wanted to take on the Lord Godless and son, who wanted to conquer China. Their mentor Nameless (no really, his name's Nameless. I know, right?) was badly injured and told them that only Lord Wicked can challenge Lord Godless now.

Both of them when to see Lord Wicked, and lo and behold, he had amputated both his arms because he turned evil that one time and had killed innocents. Wtf. But nevermind, he gave both of them a test to see who will be more vulnerable to becoming more evil, once he turned that person to have the evil superpower or what-have-yous.

Of course, it'll be Wind coz he's abit of a romantic smuck lah. Cloud was more agrresive, you see. So off he went into this evil pool to be changed. Which was interesting, because once he became evil he looked so pale like a Cullen. Muahaha!

Cloud on the otherhand, was feeling so forlorn because he didn't get chosen, but Nameless seeked him. He wanted Cloud to take on his powers. He believes that both of them (Wind and Cloud) together can kill this Lord Godless.

Ok, remember this: there are two women in this movie -- Chu Chu who likes Cloud and Second Dream who was Wind's gf or something.

When all these training happened, Lord Godless sent his troups to attack both Lord Wicked and Nameless camp. Both groups got thwarted by Cloud and Wind lah, of course. And then Wind ran away after that (coz he's not himself, his turning-evil process was just about to complete but he left the pool beforehand so there could be complication or something).

Anyway, there came a point when Cloud confronted Lord Godless alone, and suddenly Wind came. At first we thought he's going to work together with Cloud, but rupa-rupanya he's attacking BOTH Lord Godless and Cloud. Wtf. I was as confused as Cloud. Lol.

Oh, before he went into the evil treatment, he asked Cloud to promise that in an event he became too evil, please kill him off decisively.

And so, after all the drama fighting Lord Godless, Cloud seek to fight Wind to rid him of the evil eye. Just when he had things under control and was about to put his blade into Wind, Second Dream called his name, like asking him not to do it.

At this point, I already wanted to shake her senseless. Kacau je! And because Cloud hesitated, Wind got to overthrow him and undo all his work in containing Wind.

And then came Chu Chu into the scene, trying to talk sense into Wind. Apakah?? Are women in this movie have to be that annoying and useless? Of course, she got killed lah kan.

To cut this short, Cloud managed to kill the evil eyes of Wind, but he fell over a cliff and... DIED? I dunno, we're only shown his sword and Wind crying and ranting 'whyyyyyyyyyyy?!', but... argh! so sad, must he die?