That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice!

Gossip Girl on Tuesday means love! But isn't it sad that we're stuck in Season 2? I think Blair has got the most awesome lines this season. Like the title of this entry.

And a few others, lets have a snicker...

The part where S called B for help after she realised she got scammed by Gabriel. N was having a talk with B at that time, something about asking her to move in with him? I missed last episode. So, B went off to see S.

Serena: You brought Nate?
Blair: I'm just as flummoxed as you are. I got out at 53rd and made a run for it but he is faster than he looks.

Lol. Nate's facial expression was priceless! Ok, and then S started to tell B her woes and she concluded by saying...

Serena: It doesn't make sense!
Blair: Feelings never do. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.

Let me repeat... Nate's facial expression here was priceless, too! Hahaha!

OMG, last day of 2009! I tried to think of some resolutions, but it's becoming more and more like a shopping list. Fml.

Anyhow. It seems that I have never blogged about this bit of info before, thought I'd link it up for reference but apparently, there's no such post. Lol.

Sometime middle of this year, possibly before second term break, I took Mira out from her kindy. I feel there was no improvement in her at all. I don't like to think we get no benefits from paying a hefty sum. I don't mean to say because I paid so much, therefore my daughter needs to be a genius.

She's been attending the same school since she's 3, so taking that into consideration her progress this year was dismal. The thing is, when we have a parent-teacher meeting the last progress report session, she'll tell me how Mira can write her As, Hs and what not. However, when I do homework with her, she just can't do it.

The teacher, on her failure to get my daughter to be as bright as her other peers, likes to put the blame on me for not monitoring and pushing her enough. Wtf.

See y'all, this is not a free school here. I pay for them to teach because I'm not good (and no patience) at it. If I have to work much as hard, then I might as well send her to a smaller kindy. Her past teachers cares and were attentive enough to make sure she learn something at the end of the day.

Dah la class teacher dia tu selalu on leave, apakes?

So, Mira has not been going to school for the past six months. It was a blessing in disguise because a month later... AH1N1 broke out.

Next, my plan was to enroll her into a non-brand kindy next year. But late last month, I decided to just send her to the national school's pre-school class. The same school she'll be attending standard one the year after.

When we went to register her for 2011 session, I noticed they've pre-school classes as well. Probably this will be a good transition for her, too.

We were rather late in submitting her application forms, but she managed to get a place anyway. We received the acceptance letter and a notice re: school fees earlier this month. I was shocked to see the amount -- RM135 sajork uols! I'm not sure if this is a year's worth or termly, but still.

Compared to what I had to fork out before, it gave me a funny feeling in my tummy. Could be glee ^_^

We are to attend her registration and introduction day this Saturday morning to pay the fees, collect books, uniforms, et al.

As for her ballet class, before they went off for a 2-weeks holiday, her ballet teacher came to see me after class. You remembered how the school recommended I enrolled Mira for an additional class on top of her double classes? So she came to see me to report on Mira's progress.

Said Mira has improved a lot, but she still needs to work and practise on her point. Apparently, it is not sharp enough. Thus, she needs to do her 'point-and-flat' exercises diligently over the holidays.

I sometime try to get a peek into her class through the fancy laced curtains doors, I can see she has learnt a lot more steps compared to when she first started. And this coming February will mark her 1st anniversary in dance school.

She loves ballet, I can tell you that now. Eventhough sometime when she get the other teacher who's PMS-ing and started to be tough on the kids, she still comes out from the class all smiley.

As they're on term break now, the last class she attended was on the 19th. I think she's been wondering how come we never go there anymore so she asked me about it over the weekend. Last Sunday night she was so upset that she cried; said she missed dancing very much.

Well my girl, starting this Sunday we shall resume our weekend madness, no worries :-p