Movie Night: Iron Man 2

Wow. The start of my second week here in the new work place. Better jot this down before it's forgotten.

So, as you've read in my previous post, I've seen this movie TWICE. Tau la kan it's the second movie, perlu ke tengok dua kali jugak? Haha, asking self pulak... poyo :-p

If Sue and I hadn't plan to meet two Fridays ago (a la end of a cycle / a celebration of new beginnings dinner so-to-speak), I would have waited patiently to watch it with DH and Mira that Sunday.

Anyhow, the movie was awesome. We enjoyed it a lot. Because I've seen it before, the second time around I find the first half of the movie a bit of a drag. I like it when the fighting started, where all the action comes in ;)

I think Robert Downey Jr. made Tony Stark. He's all class and charm. I kinda missed Terrence Howard's Rhody, though. Can't click with Don Cheadle's. I just feel (after watching Iron Man 1 again a few times already sebab suddenly Mira kena demam Iron Man - FML) Terrence's chemistry with RDJ worked better.

DH *loves* Mickey Rourke as Whiplash / Ivan Vanko. He said, 'muka dia selamba je tapi evil.' And there was a scene where Iron Man appeared dead -- that was when Mira whispered 'oh my god!' worriedly. Hehe.

And because I've seen it first, I made them wait until the end credits completely rolled because there's a hidden short clip after that. When Sue and I watched it, there were only two other peeps who waited. This time, probably because word had gone out, a few Iron Man die hard nerds fan waited for it, too.

I never would have thought DH knows his comic superheroes, but right off the bat he knew who / what was the short clip about... THOR! --when I nonchalantly asked him Sue and I hadn't a clue and I google-d it as soon as I got home to shared it with Sue -_-'

All in all, this was another movie we shared a liking to and we had fun. So much that last weekend Mira said, 'Bibu, jom tengok movie'. Lol.



dillazag said…
I enjoyed IM2 for the sole reason of RDJ! hahaha
Tu lah, I was wondering sapa yang baru arrive in the space ship. Looking forward to Thor in 2011! :)
nong@kween said…
Ade burung kecik bagitau mak, hero Thor adelah Chris Hemsworth (abang Liam Hemsworth, pakwe Miley Cyrus). Ala.. yg jadi George Kirk yg lam star trek tu...

Mak pun tak sure betol ke tak heheh