They didn't want it good, they wanted it Wednesday.

Remember how I said I wanna leave on the dot last week, on my last day of work? Well, that didn't happen! I officially finished work at seven. FML.

The replacement was late for the handover. And then, after I've finished with her, the Chairman summoned me over to his office. That was an hour before end of work day. He wanted to see me because earlier that day, my boss just told him of my leaving.

He wanted to know why I'm leaving, where I'm going, what I'll be doing... and if I am really sure about leaving. Lol. That was the second time that day I've been asked the same question. Some pleasant words was said, I am flattered by the kind words but I guess, it was too little, too late.

After that I went on to finish my task, log off and shut down my side of the office for the last time, and then headed to Pavilion for a movie date with Sue (who waited for me since, like, 5 pm) -- we went to watch Iron Man 2.

Oh, and I didn't managed to say goodbye to some people due to lack of time :( Kesian kan?

Saturday was spent doing nothing, except laundry. Took Mira to her ballet class on Sunday -- she's in Grade 1 now y'all. I saw them doing some exercises at the barre and was taught some pretty serious stuff by the instructor -- last week was all about postures. Still fun, though; just a bit more serious.

DH took us for a movie (Iron Man 2 again for me, lol!) that evening. This time we went to watch it at Berjaya Times Square. 'Twas fun :)

Came home that night, and couldn't sleep a wink! I was so afraid I couldn't wake up on time and thinking I'll forget that I should be going to the new office instead of the old one. Stress giler (dan sungguh drama). LOL!

I reported to work at the new place on Monday. They were pretty nice folks. The boss sent an email to introduced me to some people in the HQ and I received a very warm welcome note from one of the Group's C.

We had a welcome toast on Tuesday at the office, too.

My workstation in the new office. Minimalist concept, as apparent. Sempoi je. But check out my PC -- Windows 7 uols, jangan jeles. Hehe.

I drove to work today; for the past two days I took the trains (note the plural 'yo). Train rides was ok, a bit of a hassle to have to change to another line in between, but ok la it wasn't so bad. Today was different because I wanted to see how's the traffic like.

I thought I'd like to start driving to work again. But...

Driving into the city this morning was manageable. There's still traffic but it was moving albeit slowly. I reached office in 40 minutes plus/minus. However, going home time?

I'm traumatised y'all! Gila teruk jam, mak tak larat okeh. Hahaha.

Took an hour to reach home wtf. That suck. Even by train I can reach home within the same duration but the best part is that I'm not the one who had to drive the train :p

Anyway, I've decided to take the trains for now and see what happens in August/September when we get the confirmation reply from the school I enrolled Mira to go for next year (last minute decision, will blog about it if she gets in).

Other than that, life goes on as usual ^_^



nong@kween said…
Uols, dah 2x??? mak belom sempat nak tgk Iron Man 2 lagi... sentapzz.. LOL
Larawannabe said…
Lol, laki mak hangin je after i told him i've already seen it. Dia kata mak kiasu dan tak menyempat2.