The crab that walks too far falls into the pot.

Do you remember reading this entry where I rambled about eating lala with Edward and Jacob? Well, the dinner date happened last Friday -- note: not with the two Twilight hotties (I wish!) but with a couple of my office colleagues.

Chewie suggested we make a trip to this place in Kayu Ara called La La Chong. It's a seafood restaurant. Only four of us went out of nine for this outing. Boss has gone off for his holiday (aka balik kampung) whilst the other two gentlemen are not into seafood.

P came with her hubs whilst E brought her two sons along. I took Mira with me, of course. DH wanted to come but he has to work, so he's kinda bummed about it. Maybe we'll go some other weekend for buka... or after Raya lah. Hehe.

We ordered lots of food. There was lala, tofu soup, steamed catfish, salted eggs crabs, satay, fried calamari and two types of vegetables. It was super scrumptious. I've always wanted to learn how to enjoy crabs properly. Got my fix that night.

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Loved this dish - crab fried with salted eggs. Also, the pucuk paku fried with garlic and tuna flakes *salivating!*

Our next food rendezvous would be to break fast in Lemon Gardens. That'll happen when my boss gets back from his holidays :)

Oh, and Mira was introduced to the wonders of Nintendo DS by E's son. Whenever she remembered about it, she'll ask if she can get one in pink. Sigh.