Movie Night: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Yowzaaa... it's been five months since I last watch a movie! Can that be right? Eclipse was the last movie I watched? Anyway, Harry Potter 7 - must. watch. with. friend/s. So, I made a date with IggySingh to watch it together last Thursday.

I find it disturbing that I can't remember if I've seen Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince now. But I think this new movie is the best movie in the series yet. I love everything about it -- the pace is just right, the plot is well presented, etc. The performance of the three stars of the series have improved so much. Well done!

It's quite ironic seeing how much I dislike the book :-p

Should I give you a spoiler warning now? But it's redundant kan, as we already know how it ends? Anyhow...

Run, Harry! Run! (Oh, salah movie)

If my memory serves me, the movie started by showing the three kids at their home preparing for what's to come. We see Hermione at her home, packing. Her mother called her downstairs for tea. We see Harry looked upon the Dursley moving away to some place safe, leaving him alone at Privet Drive. It's sad that they didn't show when Dudley hugged Harry goodbye or Aunt Petunia spoke to Harry about her sister/his mother before they left.

And then we're shown Ron standing outside his lawn, looking ahead at the gloomy skies. His mother called out for him to get his dad, dinner is ready.

We went back to Hermione, who's now downstairs standing behind her parents. They were talking about travelling to Australia for a holiday. She pointed her wands at them and quietly wiped her parent's memory of her. And you can see it also wipes out all photos of her in the house, just like as if she never existed.

And then she walked out of her home.

OMG, I was about to bawl my eyes out! I knew about how she erased her parents memory to keep them safe from the book but it was only mentioned in the background. But to see it acted out like that? Major sadness uols! :-(

Then we see Snape attending the Death Eater Townhall meeting. Heh heh. Voldy killed the lady and let Nagini the snake have her for dinner. Charming.

I rather like was the Seven Potters scene. Mad Eye Moody, Hagrid and the gang went to Privet Drive to pick Harry up. He suspect the Voldy's camp are on a look out for Harry, hence the plan to polyjuiced six other people to look like Harry to confuse them. So you'll see Ron, Hermione, the twins, Mundungus and Fleur turning into Harry. Lol.

And then, the first kill.

In the book, it came as a shock. Who would have thought JK Rowling would off Hedwig? Burung tu tak bersalah uols. But Hedwig ala-ala mati katak je in the book. Whereas in the movie, she died a hero trying to save Harry from a curse. They were ambushed by the Death Eaters mid-air enroute to their destination -- The Burrow. Still, it was sad to see her die :-(

Oh, Mad Eye Moody died, too...

The parts when the trio were on the run was good as well. In the book, some scenes were boring. Although, the build up to a fight that broke between Harry and Ron was lacking imho. Maybe one more scene to show his resentment and suspicions about Hermione's relationship with Harry would have helped.

Harry and Hermione's dance in the tent? It wasn't in the book, but aw... so sweet. Can you imagine what'll happen if JK allowed it to go that way? Le sigh. But all the Ron and Hermione interaction in this movie were sweet, too. It showed how he cared about her and vice versa.

After that, Harry wanted to go to Godric Hollow. They found his parents grave. More sadness, but I feel this scene in the book was so much more powerful. Probably because it's in my head and I was the director. LOL.

The Nagini-Bathilda scene were scary and when the snake launched itself out of Bathilda's body? Gross!

When Harry saw the silver doe patronus and discovered the Sword of Gryffindor in the frozen lake, he nearly died if Ron hasn't saved him. Now with the sword they can kill the horcrux in the locket. Harry gave Ron the honour to kill it, and opens the locket with parseltongue.

Suddenly, a huge black cloud sprang out of the locket, throwing them back. It taunted Ron, and two figures appeared -- Harry and Hermione, basically telling him how badly he suck. And then they kissed!

Tapi kena potong. Hahahahaha. I've seen the uncut version and it was oh-so-raunchy!

After that, they went to visit the Lovegoods. Luna was nowhere in sight (because the DE kidnapped her). Luna's dad explained to them about the Deathly Hallows. Hermione read to us the tale of the Three Brothers while we see a black-and-white animation acting the scenes out. That was really good!

Luna's dad had secretly send a sign to the DE about the trio. As they were about to leave, the DE attacked the house. The trio managed to escape by apparating out from there but was caught by the snatchers that were roaming the forest. They were brought to the Malfoy Manor where the boys got locked in the dungeon with the others, whilst Bellatrix tortured Hermione and Dobby came to the rescue!

While he tried to apparate the rest, Bellatrix threw her knife at Dobby. Again, I knew this was coming but still... I gasped 'Dobby noooooo!'. More sadness :-( I shed a tear when they buried him.

Through Harry's vision we saw Voldermort who found Grindelwald, asked him where's the Elder wand. He said the last owner was Dumbledore and the wand lies with him in his tomb. Then he opens Dumbledore's tomb to take the Elder wand.

Fin. For now. To be continued on 15 July 2011.