After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

Alright. The other thing that made me feel so out of sort, or more like as if I'm being blanketed by a slow sense of sadness, is that...


I have a boxful of wonderful memories that comes from being a fan of the books and the movies. I remembered the first time M introduced me to the first three books. How I read the borrowed books so quickly and actually bought my own so I can read it again.

And how we woke up at dawn to queue for The Order of Phoenix. It was a Saturday, I remembered. A working day. We picked up our books, went to Dome for breakfast and read a few chapters quietly until it was time to go to work next door.

And I remembered our first movie experience. We were squeeing in the cinema so excited to see it all -- the quidditch match, Harry, Ron and Hermione coming to life. H and I went to see it for a few more times after that. We can even recite the lines from the first movie, to DH's amazement (dia kata weols hardcore, which was true I suppose).

I remembered the time when M and I chased the Prado cruiser to get premiere tickets for the second movie. It was fun and funny at the same time -- two grown up acting like children because you know, HP is not even a Young Adult series like Twilight for example.

When the last book came out, the end did not feel so absolute because the movie still has a few more to go. But now? Sigh. After this no more anything-Harry-Potter to look forward to.

Harry will go on to live happily ever after with Bonnie. It would be the final 'Fin'...

Can you believe it???