Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody.

I have been on a quiet not because there's nothing to talk about, but because there were loads. Oxymoron statement of the day. Well, to be honest, I am mostly perplexed at how far behind I am.

For one, I have just discovered that The Sims 3 has released a new expansion pack called Generations and it has been announced that it'll be followed by Pets in the Fall of this year. I vaguely recall this entry, and do you know how long it has been since I planned to upgrade my desktop so I can play The Sims 3?

The Sims 3: Generations


That, ladies and gentlemen, is procrastination at its best. I am very proud of myself. Not!

My desktop has totally kaputted and the jurasic CRT monitor has become junk right now. I need to either build from scratch or just buy a new set. I've calculated the costs, and hopefully, I can have a new PC in 2 to 3 months top.

I have this feeling that probably by the time I actually have a computer, The Sims 4 would have come out... that folks, would be sometime in 2015!


Right, secondly... we'll save that for another blog entry, ya? Muahahaha!