Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Happy new year 2012!

There was a moment of worry when I suddenly wondered if I made any resolutions last year. I've checked and I can tell you that I've failed. Who am I kidding? I'll never wear them blingies unless I have to! I don't even have a wristwatch. Perhaps I should get one for my birthday?

I haven't thought of any resolution for this year.

Anyway, my lust for the Tab has been squashed and the so-called tanduk has quietly retracted into its place. How so? I had to fork out some unaccounted for incidental charges and fees. It all started with Mira's tuition and then I had to fix the car door...

When I met her class teacher in November, we had a chat about Mira's progress. I worry for a bit, pondered about it and came to a decision that we need help. I wish I can tutor her myself but really, I'm not a good teacher and neither have I the patience. So, it's either I let her be and we face the consequences of this lax later in life or I fix it now and probably make her hate me forever.

It just so happen two weeks prior Mira's BFF's mom told me about a centre she found which provides daily tuition nearby her housing area. I went to check it out and liked what I saw as well as their method. Not only the session is daily, it will help teach her studying skills and discipline. I decided we should try it to see if:

  1. she likes it; and 
  2. if she can cope with four hours of study.

I enrolled her in November to start in December. Before that, I spoke to her 'Aunty bus' to discuss about transportation if I were to let her continue once the school reopens. She said she is willing to drive her to the centre and we'll discuss the fee at the end of the next month. With that sorted out, I went ahead with the registration.

I am pleased to report that she likes going there and always look forward to spend her day there. During the school holidays, her tuition starts at 10 AM and finishes at 2 PM. I send and pick her up every day -- thanks to my flexi hours I'm able to do that. And the centre is about 15 minutes drive from my office via DUKE.

Last week, I spoke to the 'Aunty bus' again to finalise the fees and such. Unfortunately, our previous agreement fell through. She won't be able to arrange transport for Mira from her Atuk's house to the centre. She also commented on how Mira is still too young and the daily tuition will be taxing for her. I understand her concern, I wish she understood mine too! But I digress.

I was very disappointed she backed off from our agreement and it put me in a dilemma. Seeing how Mira likes the place, I want her to continue going there. But without someone to ferry her around, it is impossible to continue. I can't rush in time to pick her up from her Atuk's to drive back to KL for that. The traffic wouldn't allow it!

Then I remembered a transit house I saw nearby my cousin's which is within the centre's area AND nearby my office. If I send her there I am able to pick her up after work to send her for her tuition. So last week I made an appointment with the principal to check the place out.

Turns out, the supposed transit house is also a private KAFA school. Ada mengaji, hafazan, kelas fardhu ain, kelas jawi dan bahasa Arab. Lunch and tea included. On top of that, they provide transport to send the kids to school, kelas agama, tuition, etc. after the KAFA classes. Syukran! Allah has answered my 2-year search at last for a kelas mengaji.

I paid the registration and 1,001 kind of fees to the school. The initial fee was expensive but from next month onward it shouldn't be that much of a burden any more. I will have to drive Mira from school to the house for now until I find a suitable transport for her. Most of the bus operators out of her school send pupil to this area, so I'm not that worried. It would be cheaper compared to what I'm paying the 'Aunty bus' now, too.

So next year, Mira will no longer take the 'Aunty bus' home and neither will she spend all her days at her Atuk... which makes him sad.

I suppose her weekday will be long, hence, her Atuk's worry if she can cope. School in the early morning, KAFA from half past two to five, tuition from 6 PM to 10 PM. But the journey is short, that'll be a small relief compared to if she were to travel to/from her Atuk's. I also plan to let her take the art classes again, so she will have to skip KAFA on Wednesdays.

However, once she started to show any signs of distress, I'll think of something else. So far, she's rather tough and very resilient. I mean, she's gone through 3 ballet classes back-to-back a handful of times back then, and then pergi ukur Mid Valley and Gardens mall without a complain. LOL!