Let's dim the lights, crank up Norah Jones and get this over with.

Trying to remember what has happened within these two months...

I went to see Avril Lavigne concert last month, took Mira along and it was awesome! I missed the last time she was here, can't recall why... so this time I have to go. Can't believe that happened a month ago. Felt like it was just last week!

Then I thought I'd bring Mira to see her first MPO concert, but alas, she fell ill and it went on for two weeks (her being ill, that is). I wondered if it has something to do with her getting a year older. Demam nak membesar? Because if my memory serves me right, she always gets ill the week around her birthday.

So no MPO concert this time around.

Oh, and I bought an iPad 2 off a friend, yes I did! Eventhough I was eyeing for a Tab, I succumbed to... what? temptation? peer pressure? Possibly both and an opportunity. Said friend wanted to get rid of her iPad 2 and I'm looking for a used or el cheapo one to purchase. It was also a good deal -- 1) it's only 6 months old and 2) you know the user well enough to know she took good care of it.

Good deal all around.

I must say that I'm very pleased with it. The first day I got hold of it, I spent about RM140 on apps! But they're all useful, I promise. Haha! Mira loves the GarageBand and Drawing Pad. She just discovered Fruit Ninja sampai Angry Birds dilupakan! I have recently introduced her to a time management game, the Wedding Dash.

I am happy that I've discovered CineXplayer and of course, I use the iBook a lot. DH's trying to find his 'niche', but he's only into playing games like football, golf and the likes. However, he also likes Fruit Ninja so both of them would fight against each other for the best score.

In retrospec, I don't know why I didn't just buy a new computer first seeing that I have been wishing for one for so long. I guess because this was supposed to be Mira's birthday present, I didn't think twice when the offer came to me.

Oh well. It was a good purchase after all. Right now, because I've to lug it around wherever we go most of the time, I'm looking for a bigger bag.

Until next time. That is all.