A Tale of Four Kitties

Yes, perhaps I should start at the beginning...

When Manja left us in December last year, we were all pretty distraught for a while. But our place felt lonely without a pet. It was the longest period of time when I do not have any pet to care for. It felt weird.

Especially when I don't see anyone waiting by the door when I came back from work or any where, really. Or nothing furry to cuddle with when I'm watching TV or reading a book.

DH made a promised to himself to never get another pet, because to him, nobody can replace Manja. But I was getting a little bit paranoid about 'unseen things'.

You see, whenever I have a cat (or cats ~once I have 13 of them!) around me, I always felt safe. It was a silly notion because Manja was not a dog that can safeguard me if there was ever an intruder (God forbid). But I firmly believe she can protect me from unwelcomed 'guests' i.e. spirits and ghosts.

And it didn't help when I started seeing Mira talking to somebody after Manja left. Really, it was spooky. When I asked her who she was talking to, she look at a point behind me, smile and said 'Shhhh...'. Macam mana mak tak kalut?

Usually, I'll just leave her alone at home with Manja while I run downstairs to the trash, but since then, not anymore.

I decided that it was time to get a new pet. And because we were still mourning over our loss, and watching Bedtime Story didn't really help either, I bought a guinea pig.

A couple of days later, I saw an ad in the newspaper about SPCA adoption drive on City day. I took Mira to SPCA Ampang that day. My initial reason was to show Mira where Manja came from as well as to visit the cats pen and to give a contribution.

We ended up adopting one. My heart melted when the volunteer told me she's been there the longest and nobody seem to want her because of her ugly colouring.

Her name was Mara but we changed it to Specky.

At that same time, there was this small black stray kitten playing about at our building lobby when we got back with Specky. Mira went near it and the kitten followed her into the lift and into our home.

He's been with us since. Lol.

I wanted to call him Horus but Mira kept calling him Mort. So I officially named him Lord Voldemort and picked Halloween day as his birthday after the vet guessed him to be about four months old back then.

We planned to neuter him when he's between six to eight months old. Tapi sempat tak? Nan ado uols.

Specky got pregnant and two months later, nah kau! four black kittens. No prize for guessing who's the father :p

Specky, when I adopted her, was said to have already been spayed. She did show the usual symptoms when she was on heat, but it came and went. I assumed she could be imagining it or something.

When we found out she's pregnant, I entertained the idea of sending her back to SPCA. But my conscience held me back.

But then again, we live in an apartment. Having two cats was stretching our personal limit, one being ideal. That's why we only have one cat for years.

We don't know what to do with them at the moment.

It'd be cool though to have 5 black cats in the house. People may think I'm a witch! ;)



Ramona said…
kat SPCA tu ada lagi tak kucing nama bumblebee???

Hr tu berkenan tapi tak de tempat nak letak
mum2h said…
yg komen kat atas tu i hehehehe
Larawannabe said…
hehe, ingat siapa tadi.

i'm not sure. we pegi spca that time was in february u. tapi kalau dah nama dia bumblebee, i'm sure dah ada orang ambik sebab mesti comel kan.

u tak nak adopt one of my black kittens tu? lol.
Anonymous said…
uols boleh open them up for adoption in 2-3 months time, lepas they habis nyusu.

and since Specky kena nurse, better la pi neuter Mort. Tapi, kalau neuter masa remaja, he,ll have this remaja face forever... awet budak.. hehehe..
mum2h said…
i tgk masa pet fair kat mv hr tu..bulan 7 kot

tapi bumble bee tu comel and nakal

adopt your blacky??? tunggu i pindah rumah bawah lerrrrr...sekrg dok kondo susah sikit