Only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist.

Oh well, tried to insert 'jump break' in the last two entries but I think the current blog template does not support said feature. Bummer.

Also tried looking for ways to post a digest of my tweets as a blog post. But so far, they're all for Wordpress. Blogger takde ke?

Should I enable Geo-tagging? But why would you wanna know where I'm at? Unless, I'm travelling and posting an entry from there, yeah. Then, that'll be an exciting bits to share.

A year ago today, Manja left us for Cat Heaven. I have had many cats in my life, only two left lasting impressions -- the other was the first ever cat I own named Kitty. It's funny to think we have 3 cats and a guinea pig living with us now in order to fill the hole that Manja left behind.

Imagine that.

I am lameting because I miss her, every day since she's gone. How not to when she's always been there for me. The countless time she lulled me to sleep with her soft coat and purr. I'd like to think we have a special bond between us.

You know how I adopted her from SPCA as a birthday gift to myself? And how I went back there again to adopt another cat hoping I'll find a replacement?

Well, Specky's gone. She got away the second time sometime end of October and refused to come home. I saw her around the neighbourhood one day, tried to get her back but she ran away. Domestic life doesn't suit her, huh?

DH found new homes for three out of the five kittens through his friends network. I chose the most sturdy, active and healthiest of them all to be given away. We kept the other two; one seemed to be too skinny and the other has a funny tail.

And of course, there's Mort; the stray kitten who followed Mira home. All grown up.

I am now convinced he was sent to us by Manja because he's a bit like her. Lol.

He's like my shadow, following me around everywhere I go in the house. Well, except the kitchen for some reason. But when I'm lounging at the sofa, he'll be sitting near me -- not quite beside me, but still within reach. Or if I'm in bed, he'll sleep next to me. Although, his favourite spot is right on my tummy.

He even followed me to the bathroom, sitting patiently on top of the WC waiting for me to finish whatever it it I'm doing.

The two kittens plays with Mira a lot. The one with the knotted tail is male and we named him Wiggy. The other is a female and because she's soooooooooooooo soft, we're calling her Sophie. They're quite big eaters, I must say.

Before the year ends we will have to bring all of them to the vet. I haven't got the chance to reschedule Mort for his neutering appointment yet, seeing how busy we've become these past weeks. Hopefully the vet will be opened the day after Christmas lah.



nong@kween said…
RIP Manja..

and for Specky, hope the new place/owner will love her the same.

since u ade anak dara yg akan membesar, better bawak mort for snip2 lol..
Larawannabe said…
haah. sebelum pisang berbuah dua-tiga kali. hahaha.
mum2h said…
husband i pun suka bela kucing. tapi sekrg ni sibuk bela hamster. Nanti dah pindah rumah bawah, boleh bayangkan dia sibuk bela kucing pulak
Larawannabe said…
dulu i ada 'ramai' hamster. hehe. tapi dia kecik sangat la, guinea pig besar sikit best nak peluk2.

tapi hari tu mira saw a pink colour hamster cage kat pets wonderland, terus dia pun nak satu. tak larat nak jaga cik kiah oi.